Leading-edge technology solutions to give you the competitive edge.

We deliver personalized solutions for every facet of your business.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Network Development & Management 

What would you do without last month's data? How about last year's?

Your data is the core of your business - that's why protecting it is our top priority. We'll manage your disaster recovery package, or implement one if required. 

A streamlined network means streamlined business operation. We'll monitor your network and all attached devices 24/7 to ensure that it is operating securely and efficiently. If you don't have a network, we'll build one from the ground up.

Unified  I.T. Systems Management
On-Site and Remote
End-User Support
Mobile Device Management and Provisioning
Database Management

We make sure your I.T. solutions are on the same page.

With every passing day, you introduce a new piece of software or hardware into your business environment. We'll efficiently unify and manage every part of your infrastructure.

Our experience doesn't end with Microsoft products.

We support all major enterprise distributions of Linux, including Red Hat, CentOS, SUSE Linux for Enterprise, and Oracle Linux.

Enterprise Linux Server Management

We're there for your employees, through thick and thin.

A poorly-timed glitch turn project completion into a missed deadline. We're on call 24/7, in-person or remotely, so that you can get support when you need it most.

Working on the go has never been easier.

Modern smartphones empower your employee base and give you an edge over your competition. We support all modern mobile solutions, including Apple, Android and BlackBerry.

A well-managed database is a productive database.

We have extensive experience with multiple database technologies, ranging from Microsoft's T-SQL to proprietary database-based software.

Extensive metrics and analytical reports.

Network analysis is a cost-effective and reliable way to determine which elements of your I.T. and corporate infrastructure need special attention.

Productivity Assurance
We provide best-in-class products so that you can achieve best-in-class results.


A remote support solution that works.

Citrix GoToAssist is an industry-respected remote support solution that maintains an easy-to-use connection process while providing a robust feature set. BCS technicians rely on GoToAssist for all remote support queries. 

Citrix GoToAssist

Affordable hardware firewall and network monitoring is here. 

Sonicwall provides a highly-sophisticated and configurable network firewall. Whether you're looking for a secure enterprise VPN or world-class intrusion prevention, Sonicwall will do it. BCS is proud to be a Dell Canada partner and reseller.

Dell Sonicwall

Managing your corporate I.T. security has never been easier.

AVG Technologies' AVG Cloudcare is a next-generation cloud-based anti-malware platform that will revolutionize how you defend your business against tomorrow's security threats. BCS is proud to be an AVG reseller. 

AVG Cloudcare

We make Microsoft licensing easy.

Improper Microsoft licensing can result in heavy fines and other punitive measures. We'll make sure your licensing is in line with Microsoft regulations, so that you don't have to worry about audits.

Microsoft Compliance & Licensing